RONIN: Ears to the Future



I do various different live or DJ sets - noise me up if you want some noise!



I have a new release: Ronin –  Cut to the Quick EP out on Jigsore Digital. Four different audio attack formations with slick sound design, high-blood pressure sequencing and a distinct lack of yawn-worthy cheese.

The Ears to the Future digital music label, specialising in boundary-pushing futuristic tracks has launched with an excellent four track EP featuring Lokom, Amousement and my more techy alias Villain.

I am continuing to organise the Crux live-performance-meetup events in London which focus on skill-sharing, a jam session and live AV.

I now write music under three aliases, which I felt necessary to try and cover all the styles I produce. This means I've been punting out my new techno AV liveset under the Villain moniker and that I push my bass-music under the Obese alias.

In other other projects –  I'm in my fourth year of teaching Ableton Live at Point Blank and the Music Day project continues to grow, with 2016 being the 35th year internationally.

Available for commissions for tracks, DJ sets, live-sets, VJ sets, music videos, remixes etc.


There is lots of activity on the production front this year - check out the latest offerings on
my Soundcloud page

And also check out the work of Obese whilst you are at it.

Oh yeah, don't forget my other new alias for more abstract, hypnotic stuff - Villain

I have done a condensed showreel of most of my output from 2013 - Spring 2014


You can find a recording of the improvised liveset duo I did with SP23's Crystal Distortion at Boomtown 2015 here.

I'm very proud of the Obese liveset constructed and recorded during summer 2014 – go through to the track on Soundcloud to listen and download.

New AV set in continual development - watch the latest incarnation of the Villain techno AV set.

I am also half of the fully-improvised Putsch project with Freddy Frogs. We have a video of our first rehearsal which has since been endorsed by Point Blank, the music college where we both teach Ableton. Click here to watch the video on YouTube.


Digital releases in 2016 on Jigsore Digital.

Vinyl releases in 2016 on Destroy Oh Boy.

Digital releases in 2015 on Digital Storm Recordings and Ears to the Future.

Vinyl releases in 2013 on Kaotek Wreckords and Bad Sekta.

Last digital release on Bad Sekta is here.


On the electronic-music tip check out my own Mixcloud page for stuff like the Do Not Rust electro-bass mix, the Stink Cloud drum & bass mix or the Digging Your Own Grave hardcore/breakcore mix.

I did a few of the DJ mixes for the Music Day campaign in a very different vein to what I'm usually pumping out – you can check them out at the Music Day Mixcloud page.

A slice of dark ambient / broken noise and hip-hop ultra-violence can be found in my Defy Definition mix for the Jigsore Now This Ain't Rave mix series.


Villain AV techno liveset - developed summer 2014

Stage design and mapping at Synthetic Circus in Paris, 2 Nov 2013

AV set at Broken Windscreen, 11 Oct 2013- click here for video documentation

VJing on the Shangri-La stage at Glastonbury 2013-2014

A recording of a combined DJ/VJ performed at audio-visual event Cortex is online and can be watched here.