RONIN: Ears to the Future



2022 – things are firing up again!

5-7 August – Slovakian Teknival
21 June – at Fete de la Musique, Montpellier
19-22 May – Ronin at Balter Festival
14 May – Force Majeure at Crux, London
5-7 May – Ronin at Bang Face Weekender
2 April – Ronin for GrimTek in London
5 March – Ronin at Broken Core, London
19 Feb – Obese in Margate
29 Jan – Obese for Das Booty in London
29 Jan – Ronin for PlayTek in London
28 Jan – Ronin for Varispeed in Bristol


2021 – well, not much happening here
7 November – as Ronin for Corrupted State, London
July-September: a few gigs in Berlin, Leipzig and Prague


2020? – pahahahaha

12-16 August – Boomtown Fair festival
17 July – as Force Majeure for Plugged
6 July – as Ronin for Depth of Field
13 June – as Ronin for Das Booty / Venue MOT
4 June – as Force Majeure for Sonituslive
28 May – as Ronin for Das Booty, Lockdown Radio
9 May – Das Booty at Venue MOT, London
4 April – Disco Maximus, Gothenburg, Sweden

2 April – as Obese for Das Booty Lockdown Radio
7 March – at Jack of Diamonds, Bristol
29 Feb – as Force Majeure at Chaos Theory Festival afterparty, London
9 Feb – as Force Majeure at Crux, London


6 Dec – Erisian at The Volks, Brighton
16 Nov – New World Disorder party, London
7 Nov – as Force Majeure at Hekate/Praxis, London
1 Nov –  NFA party at MMM, London
14 Sept – as Ronin at Das Booty, London
10-13 Aug – Boomtown Fair, UK
13 July – Feel Festival, Bergheider See, DE
12 July – at Trash-o-Lade festival, Berlin
26-30 June – Glastonbury Festival
8 June – Rave Against the Machine, London
1 June – Strawberry Fair in Cambridge
5 May – 0161 afterparty in Manchester
30 March –  Huize ívicke, Wassenaar, NL
16 March – at Kopi in Berlin, DE
16 Feb – as Villain at Das Booty, London
10 Feb – as Obese at Crux, London


27 Oct – Rave Against the Machine, London
20 October –  Crux surround sound, London
14 September –  Headfuk 20th Anniversary
10 August – Broken Core at Boomtown Fair
21 April – surround sound set at Crux, London
13 April –  Gleeetch in London
6-8 April – Freekuency Festival, Portugal
10 March – The Loch is Fucking Dead, NL
3 March – Jungle Syndicate, Black Swan, Bristol
11 Feb – Crux at Five Miles Brewery, London
27 Jan –  Nostruckture Fundraiser, London

31 December –  NYE party, LDN at ExFed
21 December –  as Obese, Stour Space
9 December – London squat party
25 November – with Kaometry in Krakow
28 October – London squat party
22-23 September with Kaometry in BCN
27 August – London street party
10-13 August at Boomtown Fair, UK
2-4 June at Balter Festival, UK
27 May as No Signal at Splice Festival
11 Feb as Villain at Don't, London
28 Jan at Team Playground Benefit, N London


31 December at ExFed –  End Of.
12 November at Crux, ExFed
29 October – venue TBC, London
30 September at Undercurrents Gallery
3 September at Fordham Park Festival
12-14 August at Boomtown Fair
5 August at Mutiny in Edinburgh

30 July at Crux, London
23 July for Kaometry in Berlin
11 June at secret London location
27 May at Critical Mass afterparty, London
21 May at Crux in London
14 May at eXperimental Electronics
19 March at Crux in London



4 December at Rutfuk in Bristol
3 October at Crux in London
27 September at Creek Festival II in London
14 August at Boomtown Fair
8 August in Bretagne, France
25 July at Crux in London
4 July on SS Stubnitz in Hamburg
26-28 June at Fusion in Germany
16 May at Crux in London
4 April in London at Rave Against the Machine
21 March at Convergence Festival (as Villain)
11 Feb in London at Crux
23 Jan in London at Just Defy


11 October in Berlin with Kaometry and Pokora

11 Sept in London at Crux

8-10 Aug three sets at Boomtown Fair (get in!)

28 June at Glastonbury

21 June at Music Day

7 June in London at NFA
5 June in London at Crux

17 May in London at Mischief

16 May in Brighton at Erisian, The Volks
10 May in London at Brufut Benefit

12 Apr in London with Pokora and Kaometry

15 Mar in London at System Revolt

7 Mar DJ-set in London at Minesweeper

28 Feb in Bristol with Digga/Rawkus Noise Records

21 Feb in Berlin with Kaometry



31 Dec in Barcelona with Phat Ratz
27 Dec @ Suub, London
2 Nov @ Synthetic Circus, Paris
11 Oct @ Broken Windscreen, London
20 Sep @ Mischief Festival
29 Jun @ Shangri-La stage, Glastonbury
21 Jun @ Music Day UK Afterparty, London

I do various different live or DJ sets - noise me up if you want some noise!



My most recent release is a six-track mini-album of music under my Force Majeure musical alias. This project presents the more experimental, visceral and deeper side of what I listen to and create. I hope you will enjoy it - it’s out now on the brilliant Concrete Collage label.
You can keep up-to-date with all things Force Majeure via this Linktree page.

Force Majeure LP cover art

Music in this video from Force Majeure track ’Slices Along the Coronal Plane':

I put together this DJ mix as a promo for the new LP, it features a few Force Majeure tracks alongside some inspirational music and stuff I generally enjoy listening to away from the dancefloor:

Concrete Collage · Force Majeure LP On Concrete Collage - Promo DJ Mix


Listen to the Ronin liveset recorded live at the live event called Bang Face Weekender 2022:

Ronin has a four-track EP of revamped rave tracks from the archive for IRD Recordings that spans some tek-related drum'n'bass, a touch of breakcore and a hardcore stomper:


The second EP on my own Ronin Audio label on Bandcamp is now out. The three original tracks and a remix by Obese cover hard drum&bass, hip-hop influenced d&b and breakcore. You can listen below or can throw some cashish into the pot if you want to buy the tracks!


Obese has a four-track EP out with Horror Boogie Records – listen below or buy/support over on Bandcamp here!


There's an Obese LP out with Argentinian label Dancefloor Impact Research –  five original track by me plus remixes from Amousement, Gullyteen and Bielefeld Murder Boys. Check it below and buy it over here.

Ronin has an old-track-made-new Eat the Rich out with London free-party stalwarts IRD, who have recently launched their new label with a brilliant 13-track compilation. Check the whole thing out here.


Obese has a new track out on the Horror Boogie label reboot compilation:

Check out the rest of that album here.


I'm working on making a full EP for dark/experimental side-project Force Majeure, but for now you will have to make do with this scathing remix for the amazing Scald Process:


I've decided to release some gnarly Ronin tracks via a self-published imprint over on Bandcamp and other major retailers. The first one features a double-header of heavy-duty tunes with strains of d&b, hardcore techno, breakcore and hip-hop!

Preview it via Soundcloud:

Or Spotify:

The latest Obese release Shiver me Timbres is out on Off Me Nut Records! Four electro/breaks/bass tracks by me plus remixes from Gurl Power and Decent Damage, check them out here or head over to Bandcamp to buy.


In something of a first for me –  I've got a release out with Das Booty that features all three of my main dance music aliases! The original version of Das Booty Trax was by Obese, and this gets taken up a gear by Ronin and down a notch by Villain. Available over on Bandcamp.

The first recorded and released track from Force Majeure –  Open Wounds on Terra Firma – made the light of day via a massive compilation of noisy tunes on Katharsis!

Both Ronin and Obese did remixes for the 2nd Killdren remix album. Check out the full replete of 16 awesome speaker-munching remixes for this rave-punk project!


Ronin smashed out this dubby darkcore jungle remix for the latest EP from excellent band Smiley & the Underclass:


Here's a breakcore Ronin remix of the track River of Shit and Fire from rave-punk duo Petrol Bastard:

Obese also made an appearance on the massive Hyper Reality bass music compilation for London party-starters Das Booty:

Here is an early audio-visual experiment for my newly-formed Force Majeure project that I recorded for Plugged. It's mostly still just effecting a camera input for now, and will require some investment to be able to take it much further:

Click the image below to listen/download a recent Ronin liveset for ScanOne's excellent Depth of Field show on Threads Radio:

Ronin on Depth of Field show

I've got a breakcore-meets-bassline track on the massive 36-track compilation for Suck Puck Recordz – Fuk the Borders Vol.4:

Until I record a new Obese liveset you can check out a load of recent tracks in this set I streamed for Das Booty's Lockdown Radio show:

After some time without a release from the harder/faster side of my music – a whole three came along at once in late 2019. All of them are markedly different from each other and sit well with the output of their respective digital labels. Have yourself a listen, share the link and if you want a decent quality download – throw a few quid in the bucket too!

Broken Core Collective – Bandcamp page

Erisian – Bandcamp page


Pokora – Bandcamp page


Here is some fresh full-phat naughtiness from Obese:

I've been ploughing a lot of energy into rave-punk act Killdren. Here are a couple of my own remixes of the music made for the band (both from this excellent remix EP:

I've got a new track out on Destroy Oh Boy that was described as 'aggressive, footwork meets breakcore futurism' (I'd agree). Be sure to check out the rest of this free EP:


Check my (absolutely filthy) track on FUK008 (made like it was 2001 or something!), or
go here to see the whole EP


A full EP on Jigsore Digital: Ronin –  Cut to the Quick EP. Four different audio attack formations with slick sound design, high-blood pressure sequencing and a distinct lack of yawn-worthy cheese. I've also got a Ronin track on this Jigsore EP.


The Ears to the Future digital music label, specialising in boundary-pushing futuristic tracks has launched with an excellent four track EP featuring Lokom, Amousement and my more techy alias Villain.

I have done a condensed showreel of most of my output from 2013 - Spring 2014


This is the harder edge of a liveset from the Ronin alias, recorded early 2019:

Below is a rare liveset recording from my technoid alter-ego Villain with a liveset recorded at our Crux audio-visual events in London. It fuses together my two liveset approaches – remix sets or full improvisation. This has a bit of both but with all of the drum sequencing, synth tweaking, mixing, FX and arrangement is done on the spot via Lemur app on iPad, Ableton Push, M-Audio X-Session, Korg Nanopad. Click through for full geeky explanation.

I'm still proud of the Obese liveset constructed and recorded during summer 2014 – go through to the track on Soundcloud to listen and download.

You can find a recording of the improvised liveset duo I did with SP23's Crystal Distortion at Boomtown 2015 here.

I've been a bit slack on the visuals front, but here was the last AV set I made:
Villain techno AV set.


On the electronic-music tip check out my own Mixcloud page for stuff like the Do Not Rust electro-bass mix, the Stink Cloud drum & bass mix or the Digging Your Own Grave hardcore/breakcore mix.


I did a few of the DJ mixes for the Music Day campaign in a very different vein to what I'm usually pumping out – you can check them out at the Music Day Mixcloud page.


A slice of dark ambient / broken noise and hip-hop ultra-violence can be found in my Defy Definition mix for the Jigsore Now This Ain't Rave mix series.